Welcome to Abundant Health and Joy     

Holly Myers, MSW, LCSW,

Holistic Psychotherapist & Joyful Living Specialist 

Providing Support for Your Emotional Well-Being,  Naturally, with Counseling for :

Anxiety / Depression / Relationships 
Releasing the Past / Embracing the Present / Envisioning the Future
Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils

Hello. I'm Holly Myers. Welcome to my website!

And congratulations on taking this step toward greater peace of mind.

It suggests you're a person of action who wants the best out of life –

And that you are willing to do what it takes to have that. That's wonderful!

It also implies an intelligent awareness that reaching for support is NOT a sign of weakness – but a way to be – and stay- strong and empowered.

As you go about determining whether my supportive services would be helpful to you – or whether to tell someone else about them – it may be helpful for you to know about feedback I receive.

Clients of this counseling practice report feeling safe with me – safe to acknowledge and discuss what they may NOT have felt comfortable or able to share with others.

At least as important, they also report finding relief, new perspectives and the courage and motivation to apply new and different tools and ways of being in their lives.

They not only become more effective, they tell me they’ve enjoyed themselves in the process.

I enjoy myself too!

If what YOU find at this website resonates for you and you’d like to proceed, please let me know three days and times you are available.

– From those options we’ll schedule ourselves for one fifteen minute conversation.

As we conclude that first fifteen minutes together, if we have NOT found common ground or a sense that this is a really GOOD match for your needs, we’ll end our call and there will be no charge to you.

If you DO wish to work together, we’ll discuss insurance and

private pay options, find the best fit for you and schedule our first session, either

in person – which most insurance requires – by webcam, or by telephone.

Options for reaching me include text, e-mail, phone call, voice mail or even FaceBook message; whichever you prefer. I’ll get back to you promptly.

You'll find the contact details below.

I look forward to hearing from you – and to partnering with you such that your grandest

vision for yourself and your life moves closer to reality !

Bye for now….



Address: Acu-Health Holistic Center, 100 West Camden Avenue
Moorestown, New Jersey 08057

Phone: 609-876-2730

Text: 609-876-2730

e-mail: hollymyers@outlook.com

Facebook: Like My FB Business Page – Abundant Health For Relationships

Hours by appointment. Some evenings available.


Contact me with your questions, concerns and with 3 days and times you are available for a 15 minute get acquainted conversation. We'll set up an appointment and do just that !

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