Testimonials from Clients of Holly Myers, Aroma Freedom Technique:


"I am 17 and I was going through a series of situations throughout my life that I struggled to deal with. I went to my High School Guidance Counselor and she thought that I needed some additional guidance so she set me up with a holistic counselor who practices the Aroma Freedom Technique. It has truly helped me  feel more in tune with myself. Using the blends of essential oils and the power posing and finding out  what is really bothering me and what's speaking to me in my head and affecting me has helped me realize what I want and how I can handle situations and go about them. And it's helped me to truly thrive in every circumstances I am faced with."
-Haley, age 17

"I've now done two sessions of Aroma Freedom Technique and I have to say they've been extraordinary. About a month ago I was barely able to get out of bed. I felt so depressed and anxious…

And I'll be honest, I was skeptical at first, but I really think it is something that can be helpful and beneficial, for not just myself, but a lot of other people as well. I'm glad to have an alternative way of really getting help.
-Christopher, age 21

"While experiencing  the Aroma Freedom Technique, sad and painful childhood memories arose. Through the AFT process and Holly's guidance, I was able to reframe my thoughts and feelings about those memories to feelings of empowerment. Just as AFT is a powerful tool to create emotional empowerment, Holly as the facilitator, through her caring and empathetic nature, is a Powerhouse of support. She becomes your own personal cheerleader. When going through life challenges, having Holly in my corner with me is one of the greatest gifts I give myself." 
– Jane H. approx. age, 60