Peace of Mind-The Best Gift

Peace of Mind. It just might BE the best present we can give ourselves – at Christmas – and at any other time.

by Holly Myers

It’s surely a gift I desire for myself this holiday season – and writing this blog is one way to deepen that peace, give that gift to myself – and – offer it to you.   

In August I’d published my first blog – about The Courage to be Ourselves. I cited Mister Rogers as one of my inspirations. And then I lost my courage. I see many nasty remarks in response to columns and opinions posted online. I didn’t want to subject myself to the possibility of such attacks – and it’s a whole lot simpler to NOT put in the time and effort to be expressed – so I silenced myself.

How we treat one another – and ourselves – matters deeply

As a mental health professional I am acutely aware that how we treat one another – and ourselves – matters deeply. We each need a safe place to be heard, to explore our thoughts, and to find new perspective, inspiration and courage for action that’s congruent with our highest values.

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Say What You Mean

How to Answer a Question

Options Your Mother Probably Didn't Teach You!
Things Your Mother Probably  never Taught You or How to Say What You Mean Without Getting Mean!

by Holly Myers

Did you know?

When someone asks you a question, you have a range of answers to choose from:

Start by taking a breath and scanning your mind for your options.

There are 4 basic choices:

Let’s say the question is:

Are you available on Thursday at about 7 PM?  

Megan and I are going to the mall and thought you might like to join us.

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