Peace of Mind-The Best Gift

Peace of Mind. It just might BE the best present we can give ourselves – at Christmas – and at any other time.

by Holly Myers

It’s surely a gift I desire for myself this holiday season – and writing this blog is one way to deepen that peace, give that gift to myself – and – offer it to you.   

In August I’d published my first blog – about The Courage to be Ourselves. I cited Mister Rogers as one of my inspirations. And then I lost my courage. I see many nasty remarks in response to columns and opinions posted online. I didn’t want to subject myself to the possibility of such attacks – and it’s a whole lot simpler to NOT put in the time and effort to be expressed – so I silenced myself.

How we treat one another – and ourselves – matters deeply

As a mental health professional I am acutely aware that how we treat one another – and ourselves – matters deeply. We each need a safe place to be heard, to explore our thoughts, and to find new perspective, inspiration and courage for action that’s congruent with our highest values.

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Courage to be Yourself

The Courage to Be Your SELF

by Holly Myers

Courage to be your SELF

An e-mail request arrived recently from an acquaintance seeking a speaker on the topic – The Courage to Succeed. It was for a telephone call to begin at 6 pm. It was already 5:45 pm when I opened the e-mail. What to do?

I surely had the freedom and ability to decline.  I had plans to get other things done – and I could easily justify that the advanced notice was unreasonably short – and not even live.  And yet – I also saw that the courage and willingness to step into such a request could fuel my own courage to succeed.  I chose to be a YES.

I responded that I’d make myself available if I were needed – and then sat quietly and reflected. I  prepared a few notes for myself before dialing in to the call. The whole thing turned into one of those profound experiences that spirit opens the door for us to walk through.

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