Discover the Emotions Hidden in YOUR Body 

Release Their Power to Harm / Release YOUR Power to THRIVE !

(with gratitude to Carolyn Mein, DC, author of Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils 

and Carl Janicek, Dht, RMT for carrying the message.)


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Among the services I offer, one of my favorites is this one.

Through muscle testing, (applied kinesiology) we are able to distinguish where negative emotions – from earlier life experiences or previous generations – are stored in the body – at a level below consciousness.

Then, utilizing an understanding of the body’s meridian system and alarm points, and the fact that the primal / survival brain’s amygdala responds to the sense of smell and not to language or rational thought,  we utilize the frequency and scent of therapeutic grade essential oils to release the emotion’s grip on the body.

The addition of visualizing contrasting emotions, the use of carefully worded affirmations and the reinforcement and re-programming that "temporal tapping" makes possible all contribute to the establishment and assimilation of healthy new thought patterns.


Holly Myers and Essential oils

Holly in her Therapy Office


When I scheduled a session with Holly I wasn't sure what I would be receiving, but was curious and wanted to try something different. Within seconds of her scanning my head, she stopped at a point and knew that place was of importance and needed an emotional release. What Holly did not know is that 3 years prior to my session, I had surgery for skin cancer on that exact location. I was amazed! Holly gave me an essential oil sample to breathe that corresponded to my indication and found affirmations that would be very helpful for me now and in the future. I left her office feeling lighter and confident that my visit with her was well worth it.  
ES – Delran


Holly's passion and intuition contributed to a deep emotional connection and release for me. I encourage those who are open to exploring the physical-emotional relationship to contact Holly for a wonderful experience with Emotional Release Treatment.


I want you to know that I am resonating on a higher level ever since our session! Holly, I am just marveling over each step you brought me through and elated over all that was identified! What a gift in itself, but all the more was the gift to be given the means for its transformation! My amazement continues to grow as I continue to go over everything. I have been telling my family how amazing the arm testing was and how valuable the book was identifying the weak points and offering the affirmations and oils to help transform them. I have experienced many other types of treatments which helps me appreciate the emotional release process all the more! I am just so grateful for the way it offers such an accurate means to listen to my own body and positive means to strengthen the very things which have been depleting the quality of my life and handicapping my deep desire to give back. So thank you many times over for the whole wonderful session of your Emotional Release treatment.
Love and gratitude, Lil


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