Peace of Mind-The Best Gift

Peace of Mind. It just might BE the best present we can give ourselves – at Christmas – and at any other time.

by Holly Myers

It’s surely a gift I desire for myself this holiday season – and writing this blog is one way to deepen that peace, give that gift to myself – and – offer it to you.   

In August I’d published my first blog – about The Courage to be Ourselves. I cited Mister Rogers as one of my inspirations. And then I lost my courage. I see many nasty remarks in response to columns and opinions posted online. I didn’t want to subject myself to the possibility of such attacks – and it’s a whole lot simpler to NOT put in the time and effort to be expressed – so I silenced myself.

How we treat one another – and ourselves – matters deeply

As a mental health professional I am acutely aware that how we treat one another – and ourselves – matters deeply. We each need a safe place to be heard, to explore our thoughts, and to find new perspective, inspiration and courage for action that’s congruent with our highest values.

We have all had a major wake up call, bearing witness to the horrors endured by Newtown, Connecticut. The truth is that horrors are occurring every day, all over our country and the world. We have allowed ourselves to be overwhelmed and distracted – and to tell ourselves it’s not our problem. THAT doesn’t work.

What are we FOR…?

Who we will be – and what will we do going forward?  What are we FOR…?

I know full well that, given my personal and professional interest in how we treat one another, I can do more to encourage dialogue, inspiration and action about this topic. If there are those who criticize me or think I’m naïve, so be it. No more excuses from me. I’m going for it!!

What do YOU think?

What do YOU think?    Who can we be for one another – ourselves – and coming generations ?

How shall we move forward? Kindness Week is February 11-17, 2013. It offers another opportunity to bring focus to the importance of kindness, in its many facets.

How can we best keep kindness in our awareness – and our actions – all year round?

I invite you to share your thoughts

I invite you to share your thoughts here – in this blog – and your experiences – and your ideas.

I pledge a peaceful pause to THINK before I express myself – and ask that of you as well.


Thanks for “listening”, friends!  I'd love to hear your thoughts. 



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