Testimonials from Clients of Holly Myers:

"Holly Myers has helped me tremendously and I honestly do not know what I would have done without her professional support and warm spirit. I have developed stronger connections with family and friends due to Holly's guidance on ways to communicate whole-heartedly with others. I have also grown to cope with undesired obstacles as well as learning how to live life to the fullest since, after all, we are the writers of our life.

Sometimes, stubbornness can get in the way of simply asking for help when needed, but once you sit down with Holly Myers, you will begin to realize a different yet amazing new way of living in this sometimes not-so-pleasant world. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has taught me. I hope others come to know her, not just as a counselor but also as a great friend and human being!"
 – Gina D.

I first met Holly  in 2010 – and she made a world of difference in my life.

With her support and keen insight, she helped me to make some very difficult, wide-reaching decisions, to explore my innermost goals, and to take a stand for the quality of my life. She has reinforced the indomitable value of a life of integrity and authenticity that I strive for every day.

Holly is somehow able to make such a profound impact on the life of her clients with a lighthearted and fun atmosphere that made me comfortable from the first meeting.  

I highly recommend Holly for individual or couples counseling without reservation and with a resounding voice.


I have been a client of Holly Myers’ for about three years now.

I was lucky to have found the right therapist the first time around.

I have recommended Holly to many friends and family members. I feel she is genuine, very knowledgeable and totally dedicated to me as a person.

She always goes the extra mile, leaving me with a feeling of accomplishment. She will suggest appropriate reading material or CDs, send web-site links pertaining to current issues, as well as incorporating non-conventional methods for healing.

I have been blessed to have met the right person for me.  Now we meet about once a month – and it's always helpful.


The loss of a loved one can create a terminal sadness. Holly has helped me to put those feelings in perspective.

She has helped me come to terms with the loss of my mother and my present role as caretaker for my father.

Holly has provided the tools I need to move ahead with confidence and a peaceful heart.

Her kind and understanding nature help to create a safe place where one can easily discuss life’s most challenging experiences.          I highly recommend Holly to anyone who is experiencing difficulty with loss.
I’m thankful a good friend recommended her to me.


My emotional footing is so much more secure

I find you inspiring

You’ve helped me establish the emotional footing that I need to continue my personal growth.

What has made a difference ?

Your ability to offer ideas / answers to questions on how to handle emotions –

Different methods –  oils, conversation, transformation, listening

A very safe, comforting environment –   a homey place – I feel at home here.

Lots to look at –  The blanket on the chair –  way of being – not stiff and stodgy

I don’t EVER feel attacked  

I feel safe in your presence and talking to you, no fear of being judged.


Forever Changed

Once just a little Catholic boy, 
Who revered my church time meetings,
Wondering where went my morning prayers,
That could not stop those beatings.

Asking how I became such a bitter teen,
At still that tender age.
And how quick I fell in hate with drugs,
And random acts of rage.

Inviting a choice never again to kneel down,
Better to stand on street smart schemes.
Only to see the pain of what remained,
Just wanton unlived dreams.

A sting so deep that numbed all truth
And left a life of lies
A mirror that simply could not dispute
A me I would so despise

Do you know the pain of want to die,
Who truly understands those ills.
For my story can tell a life of hell,
Meant to end with sleeping pills.

Where came the rain to wash me clean
With Love to purge those fires
Yes, once deranged.  Today, forever changed.
I so so thank you, Holly Myers.