The Courage to Be Your SELF

by Holly Myers

Courage to be your SELF

An e-mail request arrived recently from an acquaintance seeking a speaker on the topic – The Courage to Succeed. It was for a telephone call to begin at 6 pm. It was already 5:45 pm when I opened the e-mail. What to do?

I surely had the freedom and ability to decline.  I had plans to get other things done – and I could easily justify that the advanced notice was unreasonably short – and not even live.  And yet – I also saw that the courage and willingness to step into such a request could fuel my own courage to succeed.  I chose to be a YES.

I responded that I’d make myself available if I were needed – and then sat quietly and reflected. I  prepared a few notes for myself before dialing in to the call. The whole thing turned into one of those profound experiences that spirit opens the door for us to walk through.

I was asked to speak – and I stated that, for me, the Courage to Succeed is rooted firmly in the courage to be one’s SELF…. That unique being that spirit brought each of us here to be.  I notice that it is when I am being my SELF that  I am most alive, free and SELF expressed,  I have the most fun,  and I am of the greatest service –  to myself and to others.

Just a month or two ago I’d been blessed with a reminder regarding  the courage to succeed  – in the person of a somewhat unlikely hero.  Fred Rogers.

A Facebook friend had posted Mr. Rogers’ brief acceptance speech from the 1997 Daytime Emmy Awards – when Fred Rogers was given a lifetime achievement award for his role as the creative force behind Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.  When I watched that 4 minute clip, tears streamed down my face.  I saw in this dear man an unstoppable courage to be himself.  His kindness, his gentle, loving  ways – and his open expression of them – are remarkable to me – and a complete and utter inspiration.  Has anyone ever been more teased or made fun of than Mister Rogers?  Fred Rogers became so well known for three decades of  public television-sponsored children’s programming that his was a household name across the country.  Thousands of jokes came forth – including Eddie Murphy’s rendition of 'Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood" on Saturday Night Live.  A lot of the jokes were very  funny.

Did Fred Rogers get upset and sue for slander or libel? Did he go on the talk show circuit and complain about the television industry?   Did he stop producing his show and give up on his dream?  No. He did not.  He was actually good humored about it – and remained utterly  true to his vision – to lift up young children by supporting them to love, respect and believe in themselves.

THANK YOU, Fred Rogers.  The  memory of you has re-entered my life at just the right time – as I deepen my exploration of  what spirit calls forth for me, such that my life can be of maximum service, joy and satisfaction.  You have helped me to re-claim my courage and willingness to be who I know myself to be – and to assist in the unleashing of that spirit in others.   I am a child of the universe – just like every other person – and my unique blend of experiences and interests has me name myself a Holistic Psychotherapist , Ambassador of Kindness, Entrepreneur,  Writer, Photographer, and lover of life.  I endeavor to maintain a respectful, practical partnership with spirit as I take a stand, with Fred Rogers in mind, to  support the creation and deepening of conscious, healthy, kind  and harmonious  relationships  – with ourselves, our cells, one another, our communities, and our environment.

I find there’s much my SELF wishes to express and share. The exquisite timing of this video clip reminder of you, along with awakening self and advances in technology have spurred me to do this writing. The clearance to blog on Moorestown Patch adds the final touch.

As for the Courage to Succeed?  It’s clearly a journey – not a destination.  For each moment  I am accepting of myself and others,  humble and grateful for the abundant blessings bestowed, and paying heed to the still, small voice within  – in each of these moments  I surely succeed.   In each moment  I notice the contrast between what’s so and  what I can learn from  the experience, no matter how painful, I succeed as well. And in each moment I have the humility to acknowledge what ISN’T working  and open my heart to the universe for yet another new perspective or  beginning – I experience   another example of the  courage to succeed.

Thanks for “listening”, neighbors!  I'd love to hear your thoughts. 



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