Hi, I'm Holly!

And I’m here to help you get out of the “same old / same old” lane in your life and finally fulfill dreams that have been sitting on (or slipped off!) the back burner of your life!

But first, let's talk about what got me here.

There was a lot of teasing in my childhood family. I didn’t know back then what Emotional Safety was - or that it was missing. 

I was oh so embarrassed by events that occurred - and that continued to happen...

➢ Like being treated like a baby, pushed around in a baby buggy at age 6 because my parents were afraid that Rheumatic Fever would damage my heart.

➢ Like sobbing uncontrollably when my thank you letter to our local policewoman wasn’t selected as the winner in a second grade contest. Explaining myself to the school nurse was even MORE embarrassing!

➢ Like having more than 900 people seek info from me following a 1998 health and science column in the Philadelphia Inquirer. I had no systems or experience for responding effectively - and what I patched together wasn’t very good.

➢ Like learning, after my Dad’s death in 2009, that his concerns about my money management history caused him to place what I was to inherit in a trust, under the authority of, of all people, my older brother and sister.

➢ Like having it be all the more evident that I still wasn’t doing a good job of money management when I filed for bankruptcy a few years later.
Through study, self disclosure, mentoring and meditation
I've been blessed to find a Peace and Freedom
that HUMILITY, FAITH and ACTION make possible.

Ahhh. In the presence of safe spaces in which to practice being humble, speak the truth, and shine light on what had felt shameful, I’ve been able to learn much of what I’ve needed to know.

As a result:
★ A delightful and reliable assistant does my billing, freeing me to see and serve more clients. My income reached its highest level to date last year, despite the pandemic, and I’m saving for my big dreams.

★ Dependable earnings had me able to pay for the classy re-upholstery of several beloved items of antique family furniture with lots of sentimental value. The furniture had been in storage for years.

★ Healthy choices and blessings have me continuing to live a life free of any medical “conditions”.

★ A longstanding personal commitment to raising societal consciousness about the role of Kindness has been renewed - and the next quarter century is underway.

★ A comfortable, self respecting relationship with myself has me enjoying new levels of intimacy in my communications with others.
Preparing this website for YOU has helped me access greater clarity about myself and the actions that best support my own thriving.

What I have sought for myself is what I offer you...

Let's mine your gold and watch you thrive!

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