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Meet Holly Myers

 Holly Myers here, mother of two adult daughters, grandmother to a sweet 10 year old granddaughter, and licensed as a clinical social worker / holistically oriented psychotherapist since 1997. I call myself a "gold digger" because I delight in finding the gold in people and circumstances.
Counting elders there were 8 in my family of origin. We lived on a small NJ farm with parents who'd met each other while serving as Naval Officers in WW II. My mom's respect for nature and history and my Dad's love of music, photography, and people have all been strong influences. And although I find potato chips among the best ever foods, I endeavor to be kind to my body through mostly careful choices. As I approach the final third of life I'm filled with gratitude for the associations I've made and the tools for living a life of abundant health and joy that I've collected. Now to prosper as I support others to do so.

Meet Barb Hammons

Hi there. I'm Barb, originally from Northeast Philadelphia. I've served for thirty years as the right hand to an ophthalmic surgeon.
My husband and I have a daughter and son, both adults, launched into the world. We love animals and we pitch in to care for our grand fur babiesl We also enjoy cooking together, travel, and movies.
I love doing paint by numbers and my drawers are always in order!!

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