Why I chose Young Living

Why did I choose to use Young living products?

A long time friend and fellow adventurer, Leslie, called me up one day in 2008 and said “Holly, I have to talk to you about something. When can I come over?!

Leslie had just returned from a trip to Utah where she had attended the convention of a company called Young Living.

The struggles that she'd been having with her breathing had dramatically improved through her use of essential oils from this company. 

She was feeling very passionate about Young Living and, as a science-oriented person and LPN she had done a fair amount of research. She felt all the more reassured that she had found something wonderful. 

And – she knew that, just like her, I love to share stuff that makes a difference for people. She hoped I might want to partner in getting the word out.

Leslie is someone I trust AND the information was compelling. I ordered a Ningxia Red (antioxidant drink) Starter Kit that included a bottle of lavender and a bottle of peppermint oil. 

When they arrived I stored the oils on my kitchen counter, and within  a few days I found a use for one of them!

I had been cleaning out a soup can for recycling and was being a little more thorough than I needed to be! I gouged my thumb on the lip of the can and it started bleeding profusely. 

I put my thumb under the running water as I asked myself whether to go to the emergency room for stitches or to the medicine cabinet for ointment and a Band-Aid, or to try this lavender oil that's supposed to be good for cuts and burns. 

I chose the lavender oil. 

I couldn't believe how quickly my cut healed. 

There was never any inflammation or infection and I could practically see it healing itself from the inside out.
Early on, I had the privilege of meeting the founder of Young Living, Gary Young. I was so moved by his genuineness, intelligence, and humility that I felt proud to be associated. 

And, as a mental health professional I was "All In" when I learned about - and experienced, both personally and professionally, the role of essential oils in emotional well-being. 

Fourteen years later I am more enthused than ever.

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